South Africa's Orchids

There are more than 20,000 different types of orchids

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  • 18 November 2017
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Cultivated orchids

Orchid symbolise both beauty and refinement, making it an elegant flower choice for a wedding in the form of single plants or arrangements. At Splendid Affairs it is possible to rent our orchids. We keep a range of Phalaenopsis orchid in stock, available in white and variations of white, including shades of pink. In season, plain cerise and deep red varieties of orchids are also available. Alternative Cymbidiums or Vanda orchids are also available in season, and offer a multitude of unusual colours. In the spring months, Zantedeschias, which are coloured lilies, can be included into fresh arrangements.

For the home and office

Orchids grown at home during the colder months will respond very to being outdoors in a protected area in the summer months. Orchids do not cope well with extremes of temperature, thriving around 10 to 12 celcius at night and 24 celcius during the day.

Phalaenopsis, or Moth orchids, are the best orchid houseplant along with smaller Oncidiums and Paphiopedilums, also known as Lady’s-slipper orchids also providing long-lasting blooms.

Most orchids require a free-draining soil and thrive in small pots as these dry out quicker. If you have air-conditioning, this dries out the air and you will need to increase humidity to an optimal 50 percent, which can be done by placing the orchids on gravel-filled humidity trays. An alternative is to spray the plant with water.

Light is important, so put the orchid where it will receive bright light, but not direct sunlight. Use a water-soluble fertiliser once a week in spring and summer. Once orchids have flowered they should be placed back in the garden or greenhouse. Sick plants may have a fungal infection or insect infestation. These can be easily cured with systemic treatments.

Care of cut orchids

After stems are purchased and brought home, approximately 2 cm should be cut from the base of the stem before being placed in a vase. Blooms should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat sources and cool drafts.

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