Sarah Miles, lead florist and founder of Splendid Affairs

Splendid Affairs was founded by owner Sarah Miles. Sarah originally trained as a florist in the UK, at the world-renowned Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in London, having always had an affinity and passion for flowers and natural materials. In London she completed a BACS Accredited Diploma in Flower Design, still considered the gold standard in flower design. It was always her ambition to start her own business and a move to South Africa enabled her to continue to work with beautiful and versatile materials.

Since arriving in South Africa and making Pretoria her home, Sarah has attended The SA School of Weddings where she completed the Flower Arranging & Function Décor Course, gaining invaluable insight into innovative and modern designs currently trending in South Africa.

Sarah is proud of the high standards of quality and service that have been the trademark of her business since the beginning. Her attention to detail and her innovative approach has secured a large number of fixed floral contracts with corporate clients that have become established over the years and she is ably supported by five employees at her shop.

Why Splendid Affairs

The business specialises in flowers for weddings and can provide a perfect selection of flowers for the special day. For peace of mind, we are able to inform you in advance of any products that are out of stock or season before you make your purchase, offering alternatives to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Splendid Affairs is also well-known for our specialist work with orchids. Every orchid used at Splendid Affairs has been domesticated so they can adapt to the variable environmental and weather conditions in South Africa. Phalaenopsis is the most commonly requested orchid, but other varieties, including Cattleya, Oncidium and Bulbophyllum are also popular. The white Phalaenopsis is our most popular orchid in wedding flower arrangements.

Orchids can also be ordered as potted plants. We can advise the types that prefer to grow indoors so that you choose a variety that will thrive indoors. Given the right conditions, which Splendid Affairs will advise, most varieties of slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum), dancing lady (Oncidium types) or moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) can be grown indoors.

Contact us for your customised arrangements for weddings, conferences and special occasions.


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