a wedding bouquet

Wedding Flowers

It’s your big day and you want to pick the right wedding flowers. At Splendid Affairs, Sarah will be your advisor as you contemplate the flowers you need for the wedding party and also flowers for the ceremony and reception itself.

a table flower arrangement

Parties & Celebrations

Flowers for parties and celebrations are usually for decorating the building to be used for the purpose. These can be as bold as you like or deceptively simple using just one type of flower in different colours, or one type of flower that comes in different varieties.

Corporate Events

Choose from custom designed flowers for your corporate events. Splendid Affairs can create flowers that fit with your brand colours and mirror your brand design if possible.

The Best Services

Unlimited Flower Arrangement Options

Flowers do not have to be in containers, they can be garlands hanging across walls, from ceilings or above tables. There are scented flowers and for celebrations where food is a significant part of the day, unscented flowers will still be beautiful.

Corporate Event Décor

Sarah will work closely with corporate clients, providing examples of work until an agreement is reached that matches the brief precisely. Splendid Affairs also offers the convenience of renting décor for your next event. Choose from arches, urns, columns, a wide range of rustic décor, grand chandeliers, lanterns and more. Popular choices are centre-piece rentals from a simple orchid stem to some of the most grand displays you’ll ever likely to see. If you don't see what you are looking for, please inquire.

Wedding Flower List

Sarah’s wedding flower list will also help help you stay within your floral budget and helps you decide which are your ‘must have’ flowers and where there is room for flexibility if this is required. The list of wedding flowers include the bridal bouquet or flowers for the bride’s hair and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. If you’re having a flower-girl, she will require a head-piece, basket decorations as well as petals to toss. The bride's flowers are usually fresh and vibrant whilst the bridesmaid’s bouquets are in slightly lighter colours. .

Your Staff & Clients

Splendid Affairs will also cater for your staff and clients. A fresh vase of flowers delivered to a staff member who is unwell or a bouquet for a client’s birthday can be ordered easily by simply emailing or phoning your order through. We will confirm your order and your corporate message will be delivered as requested.