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  • Sarah
  • 12 April 2017
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When we talk about wedding flower and decor design, you may think of an artist's painting - when it's finished it's displayed in a gallery, carefully hung and ready for viewers to admire it but you never see the creative chaos where it was first painted.

It's the same with wedding arrangements.

When everything is set up, crisp tablecloths hanging beautifully, crockery, cutlery and glassware properly set, your flowers carefully displayed, candles are lit and you step back and think WOW, this is incredible. We are talking about space transformation, so when your guests walk into your wedding reception they know it is all ‘you’. And this is the job of a wedding designer.

I think of wedding design as three dimensional – there is a creative process, practical limitations of budget and resources and then execution.

When I meet with a new bride we talk about ideas, possibilities and establish the direction. We establish our parameters and then creativity takes over. By the time it comes to the mock-up there is generally a good idea of a direction we will take, and then we play around with different combinations. Styling your wedding is a creative partnership – your vision coupled with my expertise  is a combination that is required to make your wedding spectacular.

a white roses bouquet

Personally, I dread, dread, DREAD mock-ups. No matter how many successful weddings I’ve created over the years, I still get anxiety attacks – every time! Some clients walk into my studio expecting to see their wedding but it doesn’t work that way. A mock-up is a glimpse, sneak peak into what it will look like in the end. A mock-up is an opportunity to create a new, exciting and fresh look that works for that couple. Often the most unlikely combinations are created once we start trying out different containers, flowers and variations.

After the mock-up, armed with notes and pictures I do more brainstorming and search for more ways to make the wedding even more special. I know it is hard to image how everything falls into place, but it really does. Some of the most amazing elements come spontaneously when creativity flows. It is unpredictable and fun.

And then you will have to wait until the wedding day. A wedding is the grand reveal, when you get to see your wedding masterpiece – perfectly styled, beautifully set, lit and impressive in every way.

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